About Feel-Good Brands

The Feel-Good Brands website is a showcase for the brands that make a positive difference to our lives. Feel-Good Brands are intrinsic to a healthy lifestyle. They are inspiring and uplifting, they form a positive emotional connection with their audience.

This site is dedicated to finding those brands that make a difference; products and services that enrich our lives and improve our future. These are organisations with an aspirational vision and a purpose that truly inspires people — whether it’s about healthy lifestyle or an exciting new technology, we love to champion the brands that make life better.

Is there somebody we’ve missed?

If your favourite feel-good brand hasn’t been showcased here, you can certainly nominate a brand to be considered for inclusion on the site. The list is reviewed on a regular basis so new brands can appear anytime. Please click here to provide information about other brands you would like to nominate for review.