Interview with Suzie Walker

"We should stop asking why real food is so expensive and instead question why processed food is so cheap” — Suzie Walker, Founder of Primal Foods

Six years ago, nutritionist Suzie Walker became an advocate of the paleo dietary framework. Disenchanted with existing snack options available at supermarkets, Suzie embarked on a mission to create a healthy, whole-food snack treat for those with dietary limitations. By 2014 Suzie launched 3 Primal Bars which has since become a line of 5 varieties. You can now find Suzie's nutritional, tasty snacks at Waitrose, Sainsbury's and Ocado, and in 26 countries across the globe.  

1. What values are you most proud of with Primal Pantry? 
From early on when we first founded the business, we put in place five core values that we like to implement into everything that we do. These include:

  • Be Real — act honestly in every action we take, every ingredient we choose, and every interaction we have 
  • Be Bold — continue to innovate, be different, go against the grain and show resilience Don’t be afraid to just do it!
  • Be Simple — we don’t overcomplicate, complexity kills creativity and innovation
  • Be Good — in the products we make, the processes we employ and the people we meet along the way
  • Be Profitable — operate a growing, profitable and commercially astute business 

We like to think we have stuck to all of them, and will continue to do so.

2. What aspect of your brand's identity is the most important to you?
We talk a lot about the ‘Real Food Revolution’ in the Primal den and when speaking to fans of the bars, we want to only use ingredients that are free of any junk (preservatives, additives, colourants, and added sugar) and ingredients that our bodies have been ingrained to eat for thousands of years. People want to look at an ingredients list and know exactly what they are eating, and this is why you’ll never need more than two hands to count the ingredients in our bars.

3. Describe the feelings/attitudes you hope that your product stimulates for your customers. 
Happiness. Using only the finest of fruit and nuts, we hope that these quality ingredients can be tasted in every mouthful. Our bars are a delicious clean-eating snack for everyone, but people living with certain dietary requirements or lifestyles (vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, Paleo, lactose-free) can enjoy a healthy protein boost without interfering with their food requirements. It can be quite limiting to find a healthy snack in the supermarkets that can appeal to everyone but we feel that we provide the perfect alternative.

4. Do you have a secret, bold and wonderful vision for your brand that you would like to see become reality?
To be a well-known brand worldwide. We are so lucky already that within the two years since we started, we are being stocked in 26 countries worldwide and in leading retailers within the UK. However, we are always hungry for growth and would love to be a household name, and considered a kitchen essential in most countries around the globe. 

5. What are the most exciting features and/or potential features of digital culture to you?
We are in love with social media and how we can reach out and connect with hundreds of people with a click of the mouse. We have seen a steady growth in the followers that we have on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but we still get a thrill every time we see that someone has liked our post or commented. We make it our mission to always reply, like or acknowledge every comment that comes our way. We value that people take time out to acknowledge us and we want to show our appreciation. 

In terms of the future of digital culture, we love that social media is ever-changing and we like to experiment, so who knows what crazy stuff you will see from us soon?

6. Describe what epitomises Feel-Good for you.
Feel-Good is when you feel happy and confident with all aspects of your life, whether it’s your home life, work, exercising or eating healthily. When you feel happy within yourself the positivity shines through and affects those around you — corny but it definitely is true! 

Do you want to join the real food revolution? Find out more at Primal Pantry.